Mercantile companies were organizations primarily focused on trade between the cities and nations of Faerûn and greater Toril. For this purpose, mercantile companies often ran caravans over trade routes and/or had one or more ships to carry goods over water. Depending on their size, they might also own warehouses and stables, and employ their own guards. In general, there were two types of mercantile companies: the priakos and the coster.[1] By the late 1400s DR, the term "priakos" was used less and less while "coster" was becoming more common.[2]


A priakos was a mercantile company formed from a conglomeration of smaller caravan companies under one banner. They usually dominated or strongly competed for dominance of a trade route because of their size.[1][3][4] Some notable priakos in history were:


Costers were companies that gathered smaller merchants together to form temporary or permanent alliances focused on safety and protection while traveling. Typical services provided included wagons, beasts of burden, guards, guides, and warehouse space. A few of the many notable costers in history were:



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