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The Merchant Guild Hall in the River District[note 1] of Neverwinter was the guildhall of a merchant's guild that operated in the city in the early-to-mid 15th century DR. It was a fort of the Many-Arrows orcs under Vansi Bloodscar in the mid-to-late 15th century DR.[1]


Originally, the guildhall was an opulent place, adorned with high-quality tapestries and paintings such as "The Prophet". Leaders of the merchant guild came here to negotiate trade and Neverwinter's prosperity, as well as to live in luxury.[1]

However, following the Mount Hotenow eruption in 1451 DR, the majority of surviving merchants fled the ruined city and resettled in Waterdeep. Others relocated to the Neverwinter's Protector's Enclave after the trade market was re-established there by Lord Dagult Neverember. Their former guildhall remained abandoned and fell into ruin.[1]

Then, when a tribe of orcs from Many-Arrows invaded the River District in the late 1470s DR, they seized the Merchant Guild Hall and made it their fortress.[1]


The Many-Arrows orcs made rough-and-ready repairs to the ruined guildhall, propping up the collapsing ceilings with wooden beams and patching the holes in the roof with planks and hides. Fortifying it, they girded it with ramshackle wooden towers and stockades, all of wood and hide.[1]


A podium in an entrance hall, obscured behind orcish banners.

Within, the orcs had contemptuously burned, smashed, or defiled all the existing artworks within and hung their banners and hides, horns and skulls in their place. They repurposed the old meeting halls, dining rooms, and storerooms for their own purposes. It was filled with debris, supplies, and weaponry. Lighting was provided by torches where sunlight didn't shine through holes in the roof.[1]

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  1. The Neverwinter MMORPG includes several locations and events in its Tower District that the Neverwinter Campaign Setting already established as being in the River District; thus, the Tower District is assumed to be the eastern River District. Moreover, while the River District Developer Blog for The Cloaked Ascendancy has a new River District south of the Neverwinter River, the Neverwinter Campaign Setting page 139 has it north of the river. For the purposes of this wiki, all locations appearing in the Tower District in Neverwinter are included in the River District and all locations in the game's River District are included in the Chasm.


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