Merchant Prince, or Merchant Princess, is a prestige class whose members either acquired their business through inheritence or earned their coin on their own. Merchant princes affect much of the economies throughout Faerûn and their mercantile holdings are often quite vast.[1]

Becoming a merchant princeEdit

Most merchant princes are either rogues or bards, although a few rangers and fighters are known have the necessary skills. Clerics of Waukeen and Shaundakul are not uncommon among the ranks of the merchant princes.[1]

Notable merchant princesEdit


Master of Commerce
Merchant princes have great insight into their business(es) and are master at lowering their capital loss.[3]
Mercantile Knowledge
Like bards, merchant princes are exceptional at picking up odd ends of knowledge and lore.[3]
Waukeen's Coin
Experienced merchant princes gain the favor of Waukeen herself.[3]