Mercuria, also known as the Golden Heaven, was the second layer of Mount Celestia.[2] According to the Great Wheel cosmology, it was the location of the divine realms of Torm and Girru, as well as the main location of the mobile realm of Bahamut.[4][3]


The air in Mercuria was very thin, which could make unaccustomed creatures dizzy until their bodies adapted to it. The mountainous landscape included high mountains and deep valleys, carved by rivers that ran fast down the gentle slopes. Although flatlands and prairies were uncommon, Mercuria had several high plateaus on which most settlements were located. The entire layer was constantly bathed in golden light.[3][2]

The layer also served as the armory of Mount Celestia, as well as the gathering place for its troops. It was also the site of numerous mausoleums dedicated to fallen noble warriors. Their memory was honored annually during the Day of Memory by all inhabitants of Mercuria.[3][2]

Notable LocationsEdit

Bahamut's Palace 
The divine realm of Bahamut, this enormous palace was built entirely out of the platinum dragon's hoard. It existed simultaneously in the first four layers of Mount Celestia, moving between them at Bahamut's will, and could be used by travelers that were friendly to Bahamut as a fast passage between the layers.[3][2]
Realm of Torm.[4]
Undying Flame 
Realm of the Untheric deity Girru.[4]



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