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Dread High Trident Meritid Archneie was a human cleric of Umberlee living in the Queenspire within Waterdeep in the mid–14th century DR.[2]


In the Year of the Gauntlet, 1369 DR, Meritid discovered a magic abalone shell floating in Waterdeep's harbor, which he thought was The Orglara, an ancient holy relic of the Bitch Queen. Taking his find as a good omen, Archneie petitioned the Lords of Waterdeep to allow him to construct a temple to Umberlee within the city, funded by half the annual tithe to Umberlee's Cache. Unlikely as this request was, the Lords agreed, but did not say why, and construction commenced.[2]

By Eleasis of 1372 DR, the Queenspire was close to being finished, and Meritid called for Umberlants to join him there.[2]


While Meritid was a faithful follower of Umberlee, he was also an agent of the Kraken Society, who operated out of the city.[3] He was also known to be a good source of information around 1372 DR.[4]



Meritid may be intended to be a descendant of Jorist Archneie, an important and fecund priest of Umberlee who also once owned The Orglara.[5] As such, he may also be a relative of Dumai Arachneie with a possible error in spelling.[6]