Merregons can't speak, and their telepathy is one-to-one. Their orderly ranks are easily confused if if you slay their shouting masters.
  — Mordenkainen[1]

A merregon, also known as a legion devil, was a minor baatezu that was used as a foot soldier in the legions of the Nine Hells.[1][2]


These humanoids had deep red skin,[3] and were usually equipped with plate mail, longswords, and shields. They sported two medium-sized black horns, had bright red eyes, and a long tail.[2] Alternatively, they would wear studded leather armor and a chain mail coif, as well as fight with longbows.[3] They lacked any individuality and often bolted metal masks to their faces, indicating their commander and the layer of the Nine Hells it was assigned to.[1]

Merregons were created from the souls of soldiers, mercenaries, and bodyguards who served evil without scruples.[1] They made up the bulk of diabolic armies sent from the Nine Hells, and hundreds of them defended their hellish territory.[2]


As with many devils, they were cruel and brutish, and formed huge groups to do the bidding of their masters. They didn't care for their own existence, and only lived to serve higher baatezu, who harshly disciplined them.[2]

Merregons were unshakably loyal to their commanders and completely fearless in battle. They never retreated, unless ordered to.[1]


All of these devils attacked with savage strikes of their longswords and defended with their shields. They fought far better when combining tactics and standing side-by-side. Legion devils could also teleport short distances, such as behind their foes, or next to an ally to gain a combat advantage.[2]


A drow mage shocking a group of legion devils.

While individual legion devils were very weak and not so smart, in large numbers, they formed something similar to a hive mind, which greatly increased their fighting potential. With this group mind, they moved in clustered groups and employed advanced battle tactics.[3]

Legion devils themselves had different statuses within their battalions. The weakest of them were known as grunts, followed by hellguards, veterans, and finally legionnaires, the strongest of legion devils. The higher-ranking merregons were more perceptive, better armored, quicker, and more resistant to fire.[2] Only the most exceptional of these devils could become officers in the armies of the Nine Hells.[3]

These fiends were immune to poison, and were not affected by spells that caused fear. They were also resistant to cold-based damage and acid.[3]



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