Merrenoloths, also known as marraenoloths[3][1] or charonadaemons,[4] were yugoloths in charge of piloting the boats that sailed the River Styx.[2]


A merrenoloth appeared like a pale, nearly skeletal creature wearing rotted robes and burial wraps. Its eyes glowed red,[3] especially when it became angered.[4][1]


Like all yugoloths, merrenoloths were pitiless. They remained neutral in every dealing and had a mercenary mentality.[3][1]


Merrenoloths did not excel in combat, but they had supernatural control of any ship they were hired to captain, being able to command them by simply naming the destination. They could manipulate the winds around their ships to prevent others from boarding them, but could also increase the level of comfort of paying passengers.[2]

They could innately cause the effects of the charm person, control water, control weather, darkness, detect magic, dispel magic, and gust of wind spells. When angered, their gaze could cause intense fear on their opponents.[2]


Merrenoloths charged either 10 pp, two gems worth at least 50 gp each, or a magic item worth at least 100 gp per passenger, in advance.[4] They never carried cargo.[1] They almost never got lost on the treacherous course of the river, but were known to sometimes lead their passengers to traps laid out by a third paying party. It was advisable to increase the payment to a merrenoloth to avoid such an inconvenience.[3][1]

Despite attempts from other fiends to use them as spies, merrenoloths had no interest in participating in the Blood War. Only their activity as boatmen concerned them.[1]




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