Merrouroboros was a super-continent in existence on the planet Abeir-Toril during the Days of Thunder and before the Sundering of Abeir from Toril.


Merrouroboros was bordered on the west by the Silver Sea and on the south by the Great Blue.[2]


The land of Merrouroboros was inhabited by the legendary creator races[1] and the early jotunbrud[2] and human[1] tribes.


After the creation of the planet Abeir-Toril, that world had a great Ice Age, which ended in approximately −35,000 DR. At this time, the continent of Faerûn did not yet exist; instead, Faerûn was joined with Kara-Tur, Maztica, and Zakhara as part of Merrouroboros.[1]

The sarrukh were the first to establish an empire on Merrouroboros, ruling over most of the land that would later be Faerûn.[1] They were followed by the fey, who established the realm of Faerie around −34,000 DR.[3] Third came the batrachi empires, coming to prominence some 500 years later and peaking around −31,500 DR.[4] Lastly, the aearee empires emerged.[4]

At about the same time as the rise of the aearee, Merrouroboros ceased to exist as such. Approximately −31,000 DR, the great cataclysm known as both the Tearfall and the Sundering occurred, which not only caused the super-continent to break apart but also ripped the world of Abeir from the world of Toril.[4]




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