Merrow, also known as sea ogres or aquatic ogres, were a breed of ogre adapted to aquatic environments.[2][1]


Merrow living in freshwater environs were more violent and quicker than land ogres. They had green, scaled skin, green eyes, and seaweed-green, slimy hair. They had black teeth and nails; webbed hands and feet; long, thick necks; underbites; and sloping shoulders. One in ten merrow had ivory horns, especially the most powerful males.

Merrow enjoyed tattooing their bodies. Females, especially, were often found covered in depictions of death and destruction all over their bodies.[2]

Merrow were carnivorous with voracious appetites, preying on all who entered their territory.[2]


Merrow were ignorant and superstitious brutes; their only skills were plundering and murder.[2]

Merrow enjoyed gold and jewels and often overlooked dull magical items in favor of glittering prizes.[2]


Merrow lived in shallow freshwater caves about 50 to 250 feet below the surface. They sometimes kept company with scrags (aquatic trolls). They could breathe air and could survive out of water for about two hours, so they often came to land to find food.[2]

Merrow territory usually encompassed an area with a radius between ten and fifteen miles. A chieftain ruled the tribe, and his power-hungry orders dictated the life of the members.[2]


Merrow would sometimes attack coastal settlements or "intruding" ships. Using their green coloration, they could hide easily, becoming effectively invisible in oceanic terrain. They attacked from cover, using longspears, and followed up their assault with talons and teeth.[2]


The illithid Vestress, queen of Ascarle in 1361 DR, had a standing army with a core of 100 merrow under her command.[5]

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