Messenger genies were tasked genies who were once djinn.[1]

These genies served all of geniekind equally, traveling between the planes delivering a wide assortment of messages and gifts as required by their masters.[1]


Appropriate for their hasty nature, messenger genies were lithe creatures who were constantly on the move. They preferred to wear tighter-fitting clothing than other genies and they seldom wore jewelry of any kind. An average messenger genie was 4 ft. (1.2 m) tall.[1]


Flight was a messenger genie's preferred choice of action when faced with threats. If unable to flee, their quick reflexes often gave them an advantage over their opponents. Their weapons of choice were thrown darts and daggers, which were often coated with a rare paralytic genie poison called bardan ruqad.[1]

Messenger genies could use the following spell-like abilities: aura of comfort, clear path, lighten load, dimensional folding, invisibility, haste, distance distortion, and shadow door.[1]


Messenger genies rarely stopped moving. When waiting on others; they paced, tapped their fingers, and performed other nervous habits. Physically restraining a messenger genie was a form of torture for them and had a small chance of making the genie agree to help whoever was restraining them. A messenger genie would never reveal the secrets of its messages, even when facing death, unless forced to do so under magical coercion.[1]

Loud and talkative, these genies helped individuals whom they met along their travels if they were treated politely. If treated rudely, a messenger genie might cripple the offender's mount or destroy their footwear.[1]

All slow or immobile creatures were viewed as being evil, lazy, or untrustworthy by messenger genies. Movement represented progress and inherent goodness to them. Messenger genies only lived for 10–15 years, perhaps as a result of their hectic lifestlyes.[1]


Because of their important niche role, messenger genies were respected and treated well by all other genies. Though physically weak on their own, most messenger genies fell under the direct protection of powerful noble genies. Assaulting a messenger genie was punishable by serving a full century of servitude. To get caught stealing from a messenger genie was certain death.[1]

These punctual genies needed little food or water and were capable of working for over a month without rest of any kind. However, after working for this long, they retired to the nearest mountaintop or cloud castle and fell into a deep coma for a week in order to restore their bodies.[1]




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