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The Metahel were a group of humans who lived in the Pasocada Basin in Maztica.[1] They were one of the seven major tribes of Mazticans.[2]


The Metahel people lived in villages along the Pasocada River below the Raven Falls and along the coast of the western ocean. Their biggest settlement was the town of Lomaraj. Lomaraj lay beside the Pasocada River, only a few miles downriver from the Raven Falls and the Azuposi settlement of Great Raven Pueblo.[1][3]


The Metahel were expert fishermen and whalers. They also traded such things as dried fish, whale oil, and shells to the Azuposi for goods like turquoise and grain. They originally built their settlements using wood, but later adopted the Azuposi method of building with stone and mud. The Metahel spoke their own language, which was notably different from other languages in the area.[1]


The Metahel migrated to the Pasocada Basin from the northwest. Shortly after arrival, they fought a war with the Azuposi. However, after the war ended a long period of peace and trade existed.[1]



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