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Metal shape was a divine magic spell granted to priests of Flandal Steelskin, Lord of Smiths. It allowed the caster to form a piece of ordinary metal into any desired shape within limits.[1][2]


This spell required a model made from lead, hammered into roughly the desired shape by the caster, as the material component. Metal shape could affect up to 14 cubic feet (0.4 cubic meters) (even larger for more experienced casters) of ordinary (non-magical) metal and produce an implement (such as a tool or weapon), an object (such as a door or a statue), or a container (such as a coffer or an urn). However, if the intended shape was supposed to have a sharp edge, there was only a moderate chance that it would be keen enough to cut. And if the target item had moving parts, there was a moderate chance they didn't work. The caster had to touch the metal to be reshaped in order to cast this spell, and the change was instantaneous.[1][2]

Another advantageous use of metal shape was to cast it upon metal before it was worked by a smith into its final form. Used in this way, it cut the time and cost to craft a finished piece by at least half.[1][2]


This spell required verbal and somatic components, and a small model made from lead, hammered into shape by the caster.[1][2]


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