Metamagic was a group of skills used by spellcasters, including wizards, sorcerers, illusionists and other casters focusing exclusively on arcane magic for their survival and livelihood. Metamagic allowed casters to transcend the normal rules of magic and create effects that could be devastatingly powerful.

The term metamagic was also used for a group of spells that affected the workings of other spells to the same purpose.[1][2] It was considered a sub-school of the school of incantation.[2]

The Purpose of MetamagicEdit

Metamagic allowed spellcasters to augment their abilities in amazing ways.

Metamagic SkillsEdit

Empower SpellEdit

The action increased the intensity of harmful spells.

Eschew Material ComponentsEdit

Material spell components were not required when using this skill.

Extend SpellEdit

This skill allowed to cast a spell with double its usual duration.[3][4]

Innate spellEdit

By sacrificing access to a stronger spell, the caster could cast a weaker spell at will without having to re-memorize the spell.

Maximize SpellEdit

This skill unleashed the full potential of harmful spells.

Quicken SpellEdit

Spellcasters with this skill could cast spells quicker, allowing them to cast more spells during the same time period, or cast a single spell before performing another action.

Silent SpellEdit

Silent Spell allowed spellcasting by willpower alone.

Spell MasteryEdit

By sacrificing access to a stronger spell, the caster could cast a weaker spell without needing to consult their spellbook.

Still SpellEdit

This skill allowed the caster to cast a spell without having to move their hands.

Wand/Staff MasteryEdit

This skill allowed the caster to strip spells from their current memory instead of consuming charges when using a magical item.



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