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High Lord Methrammar Aerasumé was a half-elf fighter and wizard and the High Lord of the Silver Marches as well as the ruler of Silverymoon, and the High Marshal of the Argent Legion, the army of the League of the Silver Marches.[1]


Methrammar's upbringing was one of high expectations because of the status of his mother. He showed skills with both magic and armed combat and it was the latter that allowed him to rise through the ranks of the Argent Legion.[2]


He led 400 soldiers at Rauvinwatch Keep, about 15 miles (24 kilometers) west of Silverymoon, where a lot of time was spent training.[2]


Methrammar had a bow named Swiftflight, which was made for him as a parting gift by Tyresia before he left to return to his family. He armed it with +2 magical arrows and he also carried a magical +3 bastard sword. He wore a +3 mithral shirt and a +2 amulet of natural armor.[2]


Methrammar was soft-spoken and humble, honest and forthright. Although he would appear to be the ideal candidate for a paladin, he favored no specific deity, and dedicated himself to Silverymoon instead.[2]


Methrammar was fond of his pseudodragon familiar named Beau and usually protected it with magic. It occasionally behaved unexpectedly however. Beau wore a +2 ring of protection.[2]


Methrammar was the son of Alustriel Silverhand[1] and had a half-brother (through their father) named Tyresia, with whom he was very close.[2]


Prior to the Spellplague, Methrammar had a crush on Myrin Darkdance.[3]



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