The Methwood was a dense forest located in the frontier between Chessenta and Unther.[1][2] After the Spellplague of 1385 DR and until the Second Sundering of the 1480s DR, when the nation of Unther was returned to Toril, the forest was also part of the dragonborn nation of Tymanther.[3][4]


Flora & FaunaEdit

The Methwood was a large and hot forest is filled with cypress, date palms, cedar, juniper, and mulberry trees, with lots of vine growth. The vegetation was thick, making travel difficult.[1]

It was home to the common fauna of the Old Empires area, such as elephants, monkeys, and leopards.[1]


Although the Methwood was the only significant forest in Unther, Untheran people avoided to chop down its trees because of the numerous monsters that inhabited the area.[5]

The Methwood was inhabited mostly by chimeras and Untheran druids, although the druids had either died or left the forest by the 13th century DR. By the late years of the 14th century, the wood was home for small tribes of elves and half-elves.[2] The green dragon Skuthosiin also had a lair there as well,[6][2] at least before his death in 1479 DR.[7]

In 1374 DR, a cell of the Eldreth Veluuthra, led by Talindra Amalith of the Vel'Nikeryma, operated in the forest.[8]

In the late years of the 15th century, it was discovered that a tribe of fey also lived in the forest. Those fey were hostile against the inhabitants of Luthcheq.[9]


It was rumored that an ancient city of the Turami who lived in this region before the foundation of Unther was lost in the forest. However, nobody had ever found the slightest hint about the location of this city.[1][2]

Notable inhabitantsEdit

  • Skuthosiin, the green dragon, had one of his lairs in the Methwood.[6]



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