Micus was an astral deva servant of Tyr. He was a high-ranking member of the Court of Tyr and one of Tauran's closest friends.[1]


Micus had close-cropped dark hair.[2]


In 1373 DR, Micus and Tauran captured Kashada the Nightwraith in Sundabar and imprisoned her in a permanently glowing sphere.[3]

In 1385 DR, when Mystra was killed, magical forces melded Micus with the draconic hobgoblin Myshik Morueme, turning them into a dragon-hobgoblin-deva abomination.[2] Micus-Myshik became insane and was captured by the marilith Vhissilka.[4] When Kaanyr Vhok joined forces with Vhissilka, she gave Vhok a metal cuff to wear that dominated Micus-Myshik; Vhok subsequently used him to taunt Tauran.[5] Micus-Myshik was then slain by Kael, a knight of Torm, after the drow wizard Pharaun Mizzrym was able to trap him in a spell.[1]




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