Minauros was the third layer of the Nine Hells of Baator. It was an endless polluted swamp constantly battered by winds, acid rain, and hail, and pinpointed with various cyclopean cities of carved stone.[3][6]


The entire layer was a single stinking bog. The weather was a constant mix of rain and sleet that left an oily residue after it melted, followed by razor-sharp hail that fell from a perpetually gray sky. Volcanic ridges made of rock and obsidian could be found in several locations along the swamp.[7] The swamp exuded a luminescent mist that provided some illumination.[4]

Temperatures varied enormously throughout the layer. Some areas were cold enough to freeze the bog over, while others boiled under intense heat,[3] forming mud geysers.[4]

Notable LocationsEdit

  • The City of Minauros, the largest settlement in the layer and the seat of power of Mammon, Lord of the Third.[4][6] It was constantly sinking into the swamp, so expeditions of petitioners and slaves were sent periodically to fetch volcanic rock to shore the city up and replace its streets.[7][8] It was rumored that beneath the city lay the ruins of an ancient city pulled from the Outlands.[3]
  • Jangling Hiter, a city suspended by chains from the bottom of Dis, the second layer.[7]


The primary inhabitants of Minauros were bearded devils, chain devils, imps,[9] and spined devils.[2][9] However, also quite common here were barbed devils, who were charged with tracking and hunting down petitioners who attempted to escape.[7] Lemures and nupperibos composed the remainder of the population.[2]

Notable dukes that formed Mammon's court included the generals Bael, Caarcrinolaas, and Melchon; Focalur, Mammon's seneschal; and Glwa, Mammon's consort.[10]



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