Mind blank is an abjuration spell that renders the subject immune to mental/emotional magic and scrying.[3]


The subject is protected from all devices and spells that detect, influence, or read emotions or thoughts. This spell protects against all mind-affecting spells and effects as well as information gathering by divination spells or effects. Mind blank even foils limited wish, miracle, and wish when they are used in such a way as to affect the subject's mind or to gain information about him. In the case of scrying that scans an area that the creature is in, such as arcane eye, the spell works but the creature simply isn't detected. Scrying attempts that are targeted specifically at the subject do not work at all.[3]


The spell required only verbal and somatic components.[2]


The spell was attributed to Netherese arcanist Kutson in -1174 DR and was originally called Kutson's mind blank.[1]



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