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Mind drakes were rare, psionic drakes.[1]


Mind drakes resembled small (about the size of a pony) dragons with dark purple to black scales and mesmerizing black eyes. Their wings and tail made them look larger than they actually were. The scales were all very small in size. Mind drakes had a distinct pair of rows of horns, whoch started at the eye sockets and continued down the neck and spine before merging at the tip of the tail.[1]


Mind drakes disdained all other creatures, even each other.[1]


Mind drakes lacked the magical abilities seen in other dragonkin, instead possessing strange psionic powers. They could telepathically communicate with any intelligent creature, and thrice per day could attempt to mentally enslave a creature within 30 ft (9.1 m) of them. The enslavement lasted until the mind drake released the victim or the bond was psionically dispelled. Additionally, mind drakes had the mind thrust/mental barrier attack/defense modes, and could detect psionics at will, use crisis of breath, detect thoughts, and mindwipe thrice each day, and mind probe and ultrablast once each day.[1]

Like other dragons, mind drakes did possess a breathe weapon: a 30‑foot (9.1‑meter) cone of gas that sapped other creatures' charisma.[1]


Mind drakes preferred to avoid direct combat, instead relying on enslaved minions to hold off intruders until they could position themselves for an ambush or escape.[1]


Mind drakes were largely solitary, coming together only to reproduce before living the resulting young to fend for themselves, although most mind drakes kept two to four psionically enslaved minions in their lair. They lived in forests.[1]


It was theorized by sages that mind drakes were created by the backlash of energy unleashed when Sardior destroyed the obsidian thane Seradess.[1]



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