Minder was an iron golem crew-member of the Halruaan caravel ship Realms Master in 1370 DR.[1]


Minder was a dwarf who joined Dwalimar Omen in his mission to acquire the Astrolabe of Nimbral. However, in the battle against the crystalgriff guardian of the object, Minder fell. Omen managed to transfer Minder's spirit into the body of a golem. Later an artisan crafted for her a more suitable golem body. Minder followed loyally Omen in all his adventures.[1]


Minder missed the air of her homeland and the taste of good food. Still, she was a wise warrior, always in control of a situation.[1]


Minder was the confidant and best friend of Omen. She found her soulmate in Onyx the Invincible.[1]


As a golem, Minder had no need to eat, sleep, or breath. Normally she fought with her bare hands.[1]



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