Mineral quasi-elementals were rare beings that dwelt on the Quasi-Elemental Plane of Minerals. For unknown reasons, they took somewhat distorted shapes of living beings found on the Prime Material Plane.[2]


Mineral quasi-elementals appeared to mimic a wide variety of life forms typically found on the Prime Material Plane. These forms always appeared like a weird crystalline parody of the intended shape. The elementals could appear as gem-like knights and paladins riding crystal horses with delicate mica wings, huge carved dragon-like monsters[2], or hulking humanoid giants.[3] The reason behind these shapes was unknown, especially because of the mineral quasi-elementals' behavior did not mimic the intended form's.[2]


Mineral quasi-elementals could easily move through stone akin to a xorn. They could quickly regenerate as long as they were in contact with rock, ground, or any other solid earth element matter.[2]

Mineral quasi-elementals could be damaged by fire, cold, and water, and were immune to physical non-magical attacks. Additionally, they could not be paralyzed nor petrified. They were extremely vulnerable to acid attacks.[2]


Mineral quasi-elementals' most dangerous ability was to merge with other mineral quasi-elementals nearby. When possible, tho elementals would create a single form, larger in size, quicker, more powerful, with faster regeneration. This ability was only limited by the number of the quasi-elementals present. The only way to break the merged elemental was using lightning. When hit with lightning they had a chance of breaking down to the original form.[2]


On Prime Material Plane, mineral quasi-elementals dwelt deep beneath the earth, attracted to rich veins of gold-bearing quartz, and other crystalline deposits. These elementals were territorial creatures in the wild and dwarven communities that came across the mineral elementals' veins tend to respect their territories. Mineral quasi-elementals were much more common on their native Quasi-Elemental Plane of Minerals making that realm even more deadly.[2]

Mineral quasi-elementals' bodies contained very few gem or precious stones. But they did contain a plethora of minerals that were sought by shamans, sages, and magic-users. On average a downed mineral quasi-elemental could produce valuables up to 200 GP in value.[2]


In 1357 DR lich Zrie Prakis summoned one of these creatures to capture his prized possession - a sentient construct Alias. The elemental successfully captured her friend Dragonbait, but the warrior woman eventually defeated the creature using Dragonbait's magical sword Hill Cleaver.[4]



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