A mineral warrior was a type of creature that had elemental earth as part of their being.[1]

Creatures turned into mineral warriors were often called stony creatures; for example, Hamatulas that had been turned into mineral warriors were stony devils.[1]


A mineral warrior was not born naturally. Rather, it was a creature that had subjected itself to transformation magic to become a mineral warrior. It could not be a construct, elemental, or undead.[1]


They looked like petrified versions of themselves, but this had no effect on their agility.[2]


As a general rule, a mineral warrior was a creature that had willingly become one. However, some became mineral warriors because they'd been forced into the transformation by a member of an evil race from the Underdark.[1]


Becoming a mineral warrior provided a lot of benefits for the one who became one. They could burrow through the ground as fast as they could walk. However, they lost all ability to fly naturally.[1]

Their skin became tougher and even when an opponent managed to effectively hit a mineral warrior, it was hard to hurt them unless they used an adamantine weapon.[1]

A mineral warrior gained darkvision.[1]

A mineral warrior gained enhanced physical strength and durability, but all aspects of their mental capacity dropped. It was even possible for the creature to drop to animal intelligence.[1]

The most devastating attack of a mineral warrior was called earth attack. This attack was only usable against creatures who stood on stone or earth. It was a vicious attack that became more accurate as the durability of the mineral warrior increased.[1]


By the 14th century DR, the spell mineralize warrior had been developed that changed a willing humanoid into a mineral warrior.[2]



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