Mingabwe was one of the three moons of the planet Glyth in Realmspace.[1][2]


Mingabwe was a spherical size-B earth body,[1][2] which meant that it was less than 50 miles (80,000 meters) in radius,[3] much smaller than Toril's moon Selûne, which was some 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) in radius by comparison.[4] From the surface of Glyth, the moon was very beautiful.[1]

Mingabwe orbited Glyth at a distance of 235,000 miles (378,000 kilometers),[2] 208,000 miles (335,000 kilometers) from the last of Glyth's four rings.[1] It had its own tiny moon, called Polluter, which was a tiny crater-covered ball with frozen water but no atmosphere.[2]


The few snow-covered buildings found on the surface of Mingabwe.

The Mingabwe's surface was constantly bitter cold, but it never snowed. It was completely covered, however, in packed ice with the only warm areas being where shelters had been built for visitors.[2]

Mingabwe had a single port settlement that was very welcoming to spelljammers. Any vessels approaching any closer to the surface of Glyth, however, were likely to be attacked by patrolling illithids.[1][5] The settlement consisted of a few scattered buildings, including inns and trading posts,[2] and charged nothing for mooring.[1][note 2]

Flora & FaunaEdit

Hardy, edible plants grew on Mingabwe and were freely available to be picked. There was also water, but as it became more and more scarce, this caused distress to the moon's plant life.[1]

Insects were the only form of animal life.[1]


There was some confusion about the number of settlers on Mingabwe.[1] One scholar of the Realms claimed that only a single man, Justin Demonslayer, lived on the moon. As of 1360 DR, he had lived there for over 10 years.[1]

Strangely, that same scholar went on to describe a settlement with multiple persons residing there. These persons were described as generally trusting and good-natured. This was perhaps because there was nowhere to hide on Mingabwe should someone steal from them or commit some other crime. (In fact, only two thieves in the entire history of Mingabwe ever got away with their thefts.) Once thieves had been caught and punished, most folks were ready to implicitly trust them again—for one more chance. Repeat offenders were never seen again, their fates unknown.[2]


There was no formal government,[2] but the village was led by a council of elders. It also contained a village healer.[6]

Notable LocationsEdit



  1. The official artwork for the planet Glyth, its rings, and its moons is completely incompatible with the descriptions in the Realmspace source text. First, Glyth is a Size E celestial body, meaning that it is, at most, 10,000 miles (16,000 kilometers) in diameter. The rings begin 7,000 miles (11,000 kilometers) from the surface and end 27,000 miles (43,000 kilometers) from the surface, so they should have at minimum over six times the diameter of the planet. Yet the illustration shows rings much closer to the planet.
    Second, Glyth has four rings, which appear as five from far away, because of a large gap between the second and third rings. The second ring is a tenth the size of the other rings. The illustration shows an entirely different ring pattern.
    Third, the moons Mingabwe and Polluter are supposed to be 208,000 miles (335,000 kilometers) from the edge of the outermost ring, yet they are drawn orbiting between two of the rings. (Haven, which is not shown in the image, does in fact orbit within the rings, between the first and second.)
  2. The Spelljammer: Pirates of Realmspace computer game has Mingabwe charging a 155-gp mooring fee and a 120-gp air tax, but this conflicts with the Realmspace sourcebook, which is higher in the canon hierarchy.




Moons of Glyth
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