Mingari was a rare and exotic spice exported from Ulgarth around 1367 DR.

Description & UsesEdit

This strong spice was similar to cinnamon in flavor. When blended with fruit from Maztica, delicious ketjap was created.[1] It needed to be blended, and was typically stored and sold in jars.[2]


Mingari was farmed in eastern Ulgarth, particularly around Kaspar and east of Kelazzan. It was traded through Orvyltar to Durpar,[3] where the Karikal chaka in Morvar had a primary interest in the mingari trade.[4] The Durpari shipped the mingari across the Shining South.[5]

Throughout all of Toril, mingari was only grown and blended in Ulgarth, who only traded it to Durpar, giving those countries a nice monopoly on the supply of the favored spice, which was just being discovered by wider Faerûn around 1367 DR. It was Ulgarth's primary export.[1][2][6]



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