Minor spell turning was an uncommon abjuration spell that caused spells cast against the wizard to turn upon the original caster, acting as a minor version of spell turning.[2]


The spell affected incoming spells, including those from scrolls and innate abilities. However, it would not affect spells that were not solely focused on the wizard, i.e., area-of-effect spells, as well as spells applied by touch, and spells from magical objects. One to four spells could be rebounded, but the wizard would not be aware of this exact number.[2]

If both the attacking and defending wizards were protected by such a spell, a resonating field would occur. Instead of the spell continually bouncing back and forth between the casters, the spell would most likely drain away. It was also possible that the resonating field would render the turning effects nonfunctional for a short duration. There was a low chance that the spell would affect both casters equally, striking them both for full damage. An incredibly small chance caused the resonating field to open a rift into the Positive Energy plane, sucking in both casters.[2]

Minor spell turning was very limited, unlike its more powerful form. Only spells available to lesser casters could be turned, with no exception.[2]


Verbal, somatic, and material components were needed to cast the spell. The single material component was a silver coin that was smoothly polished.[2]



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