Mintiper's Chapbook was a collection of ballads and other poems and stories by the famed bard of the North, Mintiper Moonsilver.[1]


Moonlight's TriumphEdit

Along Selûne's path they did walk,
Leaving no stone unturned.
A battle fought, all but six were lost,
A final triumph earned.
— The first and seventh stanza of Moonlight Paean[1]

Moonlight Paean, or Moonlight's Triumph, was a ballad written by Mintiper in the Year of the Moonfall, 1344 DR. It describes the Battle of Turnstone Pass the previous year, in which the Moonlight Men defeated a horde of orcs and saved the cities of Silverymoon and Everlund. The victory came at great cost, as only six men survived the battle.[1]

Many scholars considered the Moonlight Paean to be Mintiper's most emotional work, as it shows a leader's anguish at the loss of his men. The ballad begins with six stanzas briefly describing the battle. The first stanza is then repeated as a refrain. Following this introduction, each and every warrior who fell in the battle is named with their fate described, including such valiant heroes as Lord Laerlos Silmerhelve II, Tsaelynos of Everlund, and "Firebeard" Battlehammer.[1]


Mintiper's compositions were transcribed by the Keeper of the the Vault of the Sages in Silverymoon,[1] where they were available for reading.[2] The Keeper of the Vault also thoroughly annotated the works.[1]


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