Mira Zawad was a scholar, antiquarian, and relic hunter in league with the Zhentarim. She was the only child of the Harper Tam Zawad.

History[edit | edit source]

Mira grew up rarely seeing her father, who was the head priest for a cell of Harpers operating on the southern Sword Coast. She apprenticed to antiquarians in Baldur's Gate as a teenager.[1] At some point, she became involved with the Zhentarim because they gave her access to ruins she could never find on her own.

In 1478 DR, Mira was posing as a mercenary guard for a Waterdavian merchant who possessed a page from a magical Netherese book. After the page was sold to an agent of the Shadovar, Mira helped her father steal the page and was able to locate the ancient Netherese library the page came from. Mira traveled to the library with her father and the tiefling sisters Farideh and Havilar and recovered the book. During their adventure, they destroyed the library and the undead within.

By the 1486 DR Mira had secretly joined the Harpers and acted as their spy inside the Zhent.[2]

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References[edit | edit source]

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