Miracle was an evocation spell that called upon a deity to intercede.[1]


At its most basic, the divine intercession took form of a weaker cleric spell than miracle was, an even weaker non-cleric spell, curing another person of a magical ailment like being under a feeblemind or insanity spell, or something comparable to the aforementioned three.[3]

By charging one's essence into the miracle spell, the deity interceded in a more dramatic fashion like sparing a community from a natural calamity or the like.[3]

The souls of heretics were treated like the False by Kelemvor. A miracle-spell was a means by which this soul could be brought to its proper destination, to be more precise, it was a means by which the deity with the claim on the soul was made to do something about it.[4]


A miracle spell required somatic and verbal components. Even when the aforementioned method of charging the spell with one's essence was not taken, when a spell that drained essence from somebody was duplicated, miracle drained the necessary essence from the caster.[3]


Being able to cast miracle and doing this in ways that could not be reproduced by witnesses made someone a more good religious leader in the eyes of people.[5]


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