A mirage dragon was a type of dragon found in the Feywild.[2]


Mirage dragons had small wings relative to their long, snaking bodies, but had no trouble flying. Their heads were wedge-shaped, with bright manes of soft feathers behind their jaws.[2]


Mirage dragons could be mischievous or manipulative. They were generally reclusive but remained close to the eladrin, on account of their shared independence, sometimes serving as steeds and companions to eladrin nobles.[3]


Mirage dragons avoided combat; if attacked, one would exhibit a frightful presence and follow up with a breath weapon that dealt psychic damage and caused enemies to flee or attack each other, covering the dragon's retreat. When angered, mirage dragons would switch to illusions that weakened, slowed, and dealt more psychic damage to enemies, and the dragons would use a poisonous bite that could induce sleep.[3]


Some speculated that mirage dragons had ancient chromatic ancestors. Their propensity to be manipulative suggested that they may have descended from green dragons who settled in the Feywild.[3]




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