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A mirage dragon was a type of planar dragon found in the Feywild.[1]


Mirage dragons were long, slender dragons with wedge-shaped heads and wings that were a bit small in proportion to the rest of the body. The scales were deep emerald green in color, and soft, vibrantly colored feathers grew on the head behind the jaws.[1]


Mirage dragons were reclusive and independent in nature, largely unwilling to become involved in greater conflicts between light and dark. They considered eladrin kindred spirits because of this. Mirage dragons were also cunning, and could be cruel manipulators or simply playfully mischievous.[1]


Mirage dragons were illusionists, with several poorly-known illusory abilities that made them harder to attack, or altered the terrain around them to inhibit foes. Like others dragons, they also gave off a fright-inducing aura, and had a breath weapon of unknown form that was known to mentally damage enemies. They were capable of short-distance teleportation as well.[1]

Additionally, mirage dragons had a sleep-inducing venom.[1]


Mirage dragons attacked with their jaws, claws, and magical abilities, although they typically preferred to avoid fighting. It was its fear aura and breath weapon to weaken opponents to buy time to retreat, but if angered or forced, it bit distracted enemies while assaulting the others with its illusory abilities.[1]


Mirage dragons were native to the Feywild, dwelling in untouched forests there. Some were known to maintain close ties with eladrin, and even act as companions or even steeds for eladrin nobles.[1]


Some speculated that mirage dragons were descended from chromatic dragons, possibly green dragons, who had settled in the Feywild.[1]




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