Mirol III was the merfolk prince of Eadraal in Myth Nantar.[2]


Born in 1345 DR, he was a bookish cleric of Eadro. Then, after the Twelfth Serôs War and King Vhaemas's injury, Mirol was chosen as temporary regent. Thanks to the help of his sister Arina, he did a good job but in 1370 DR he was still trying to recover Voalidru, Eadraal's capital, from monstrous hands.[2]


Mirol managed the necessities of his exiled people very well, though he previously cared more about the church of Eadro. Despite objections by some people, Mirol was firm in maintaining the Nantarn Alliance in respect for his father's decisions.[1][2]


Mirol at heart was a shy and nervous individual. He managed to serve well thanks to the support of his wife and children.[2]


Mirol had the ability to unleash an electrical touch, which was bolstered by his appointment as regent.[1]



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