A miscellaneous manifestation was a minor manifestation of a deity.[1]


Deities could show their powers through major manifestations and minor manifestations. A miscellaneous manifestation fell into the latter category.[1]

As "miscellaneous" manifestation suggested, the term was a catch-all term for manifestations that did not fall in other categories. These smells, sounds, auras, and even possessions but also unique manifestations of a deity.[1]

Miscellaneous manifestations were used by deities used to convey information, but due to their often-vague nature and reliance on interpretation, they were sometimes misunderstood.[1]

Mortals' ReactionEdit

When a follower received a unique miscellaneous manifestation, their standing among other followers of his or her faith might improve. In fact, there was a high chance for that.[1] For example, when Shakti Hunzrin received the unique manifestation of Vhaeraun, the flitting shadow, Nisstyre became immediately convinced that he could ally with her.[2]



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