Mischa Waymeet was one of Drogan Droganson's students at his academy in Hilltop.[1]


Mischa had shoulder length blonde hair, fair skin and green eyes. She often wore her plate mail armor with blue embellishments and, during her time as an apprentice and adventurer in training, had a practice greatsword.


As a paladin, Mischa tended to be rather serious and focused, but her lack of experience resulted in her being somewhat naive. She also had a very clear-cut ideals and morale about what constituted good and evil. This on at least one occasion lead to her failing a test set by Drogan. However, she continued to be eager to get to her final test at the school and start her life of adventuring, leaving her rather disappointed that she could not go help retrieve stolen artifacts after the kobold attack.


Drogan's apprentices all possessed a ring which allowed them to teleport themselves to Drogan's location at the cost of focus crystals.


Mischa did not get on well with her fellow apprentice, Xanos Messarmos, as he often mocked her abilities and they had very different views about the world. She also worked alongside Dorna Trapspringer at the school. Mischa highly respected Drogan and tried to put a lot of effort into pleasing him, despite failing his test. When Ayala Windspear arrived to heal a wounded Drogan, Mischa stood up for her when Xanos questioned Ayala's motives.


Mischa attended Drogan's school but fell behind her fellow students after failing a test. Drogan requested the paladin to save a goblin child but Mischa objected, thinking the creature to be unworthy of her help due to its evil nature. Mischa felt this an unfair test but ultimately saw there was a lesson to be learnt about righteousness and mercy.

After the kobold attack, Mischa stayed behind at the school with Ayala and Drogan and helped protect it from potential further attacks.





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