Mislead is an illusion spell that turns the caster invisible and creates an illusory double.[3]


An illusory double of the caster (a figment) appears, and at the same time, the caster becomes invisible (as improved invisibility, a glamer). The caster is then free to go elsewhere while his or her double moves away. The double appears within range but thereafter moves according to the caster's intent at the time of casting. The caster can make the figment appear superimposed perfectly over his or her own body so that observers don’t notice an image appearing and him or her turning invisible. The caster and the figment can then move in different directions. The double moves at the caster's speed, can talk and gesture as if it were real, and even smells and feels real. The double cannot attack or cast spells, but it can pretend to do so.[3]


The spell required only a somatic component to be cast.[2]


The spell was attributed to Netherese arcanist Enollar in -1563 DR and was originally called Enollar's mislead.[1]