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Mist dragons were reclusive and antisocial dragons found along coastlines.[6]


Mist dragons had blue to white scales with metallic spots that became more grey as the dragon aged. Its eyes were oceanic colors, usually green, with silver pupils that became more prominent until most of the eye was silver. Mist dragons' physical characteristics included a fin running from the head to the end of its flattened tail. Their head thinned in an arrow-like shape from the snout and ended in a thick neck. Heavy ridges lay over the eyes, two horns protruded from the back of the skull, and clusters of smaller horns sat at the base of its upper jaw.[1]

The mist dragon gave off a rain-like odor.[1]


A mist dragon, flying through a waterfall mist.

Mist dragons were antisocial creatures that secluded themselves inside their lairs where they desired no interaction with sentient creatures, spent large periods of time in contemplation,[1] and avoided combat whenever possible.[2]



Mist dragons had two breath weapons. One was a caustic slime that caused nausea in enemies, typically used to avoid combat where possible. The other was a scalding cone of mist that was used for offensive purposes.[2]

Mist Form[]

Mist dragons could change form similar to the spell gaseous form. While in this form the dragon was practically invisible in its natural habitat as it appeared to be a cloud of mist, but its flight capabilities were hindered.[2]


When fully grown, mist dragons could cast all of the following spells: fog cloud, sleet storm, wind wall, gust of wind, solid fog, control water and control weather.[2]



Mist dragons were commonly found in coastal regions or temperate regions where it rained often, such as grottoes or jungles.[1]

Beyond Toril, mist dragons could be found on the planet of Oerth.[3]


The locales that mist dragons tended to inhabit, forests and coasts, often put them in conflict with green dragons and bronze dragons respectively. The latter were usually content to ignore mist dragons, but green dragons were often aggressive. A mist dragon would avoid contact for as long as possible until attacking out of frustration or impatience.[1]

Some mist dragons acted as servants of the deities Eilistraee, Thard Harr, Rillifane Rallathil, and Sehanine Moonbow.[7]

Known Mist Dragons[]



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