Mistclaw was an evocation spell that conjured a shadowy, semi-corporeal claw that mimicked the attacks of the caster.[1]


For the duration of the spell, any time the caster raked, slashed or grabbed a creature with their claws the mistclaw appeared and duplicated their actions. It appeared as the same size as the caster's claw but was completely weightless, and could be guided by the will of the caster.[1]

The mistclaw remained in effect for just over half a minute. It moved harmlessly through most obstacles but could be harmed by weapons and magic. It was particularly susceptible to attacks made by enchanted weapons.[1]


This spell could only be cast by dragons, or other spellcasters that successfully assumed a dragon's form, while in the presence of visible mist, fog or steam. While these substances were not considered a material component of the spell, as it typically only required only a verbal incantation, they were considered to be a catalyst that allowed the mistclaw to be evoked.[1]

When this spell was cast by human wizards a material component was used, often in the form of a dragon scale or talon.[1]

Notable CastersEdit

Both Cardatha of Silverymoon and Baerdrunsun of Alaghôn have been witnessed casting mistclaw during separate magefairs during the 14th century DR.[1]

Thalagyrt, the mist dragon of Port Llast, was known to have made use of this spell.[1]



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