Mistmyr Iroan was a sorcerer and tavern keeper in Waterdeep in 1374 DR.[1]


Mistmyr was a skinny Tethyrian man with thinning hair pulled back into a pony tail. He had amber-colored eyes and usually wore rumpled clothing or wizard's robes.[1]


Mistmyr talked very loudly, especially when he was very excited or nervous.[1]


Mistmyr worked as a wizard-for-hire for a decade, raising himself from bitter poverty, until a dead friend left him a tavern. The tavern was in the Castle Ward, and was formerly called the Crow's Nest, which Mistmyr renamed to Azuth's Mug.[1]

Mystmur proved to be a good tavern owner, and at the same time met and befriended Lord Hulraven Irlingstar. In 1374 DR, Lord Hulraven asked Mistmyr to use his magic help to find the kidnappers of his wife.[1]

Mystmyr continued to cast spells for associates and tutored mages when he was not busy running his tavern.[1]

Mystmyr kept a room at the Splintered Stair in the Dock Ward, but he spent most of his time at his tavern.[1]



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