Mistshore was the name given to the dilapidated north shore of Waterdeep's harbor in the late 15th century DR.[1]


After the Spellplague of 1385 DR, Waterdeep went into a decline and maintenance of the harbor was neglected. Many ships sank or were scuttled in the northern harbor and eventually Waterdeep's outcasts created a small community on the wrecked ship hulls. The harbor water was polluted and smelled horribly.[1]

In 1491 DR, Mistshore was largely destroyed in a massive fire, with most ships burning down to the waterline and having to be towed out of the harbor to prevent other vessels from running afoul the wreckage.[2]


Mistshore was considered so dangerous that the City Watch refused to send patrols into the area.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit

This collection of partially sunken ships was the hideout of the crime lord Arowell prior to his death at the hands of Cerest Elenithil. The ships were arranged in a circle with suspended platforms in the center. Arowell sponsored gladiatorial contests to amuse the inhabitants of Mistshore.
Dusk and Dawn Tavern
This tavern was nothing more than a red tent that could be moved to different locations in Mistshore nightly. The tavern was named for the fact that it was open from dusk to dawn.
The wretched inhabitants of Mistshore created a permanent firepit on which to cook.
Waltzing Ferryman
Sea wraiths kept the inhabitants of Mistshore from approaching this old wreck. It was inhabited by an old spellscarred mage and his friend.[1]