Mithbarakaz, usually known as Mith Barak, was the king of Iltkazar in the year 1370 DR[1] and 1479 DR.[2]


Mithbarakaz was a silver dragon who disguised itself as a dwarf with silvery blue skin and a silver beard called "Mith Barak the Clanless" in 66 DR. He was proclaimed heir by the last dying Deep King of Iltkazar just hours before his death. It was said that on the Coronation Day, the god Dumathoin himself appeared to crown the new king, eliminating all questions of successorship.

From that year, Mith ruled the dwarven kingdom with justice and wisdom. His only peculiarity was that for seventy-five years out of every hundred the Mithral Shield sat upon his throne as a solid statue and all attempts to contact him failed. But as regularly as a Neverwintan water clock, he awakened after exactly seventy-five years and ruled for the successive twenty-five years before he went asleep again. These periods were called the Great Sleeps and during those times the kingdom was ruled by the Regency Council of Iltkazar, formed after the first Great Sleep of the year 92 DR. Nobody questioned Mith about this peculiarity after an episode just after the first awakening in the year 167 DR. In that year, an elder angrily asked what had happened and Mith fixed him with a silent stare, all present said his eyes were deep wells of reserved and terrible knowledge. After that event, no one questioned the Kings leadership again.

During the Great Sleeps, the council ruled but never undertook new ventures, waiting for times were the king was awake. This caused great stagnation in the kingdom. A problem arose in 1367 DR when Mith did not awake at the right time. In 1370 DR, the King continued to sleep and the council was paralyzed with indecision and concern about why the king did not awake.[1] Finally, in 1477 DR, Mith awoke and explained that his astral form had been captured by Tiamat.[2]



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