Mobats, or huge bats, were rare and extremely large bats, with wingspans of up to 16 ft (4.9 m) across.[1][2]


These huge omnivores, apart from their large size, were known for their ability to move quickly and silently. They hunted during the night, always on the look out for warm-blooded creatures.[1]

Mobats were known to hibernate during the winter.[3]

They were also favored by the patron deity of urds, Kuraulyek, who would send them out to aid the clerics of his chosen race.[4] Mobats were also occasionally used by drow wizards as familiars.[5]


Mobats would, during the night, try to grab leftovers or small animals that were kept by adventurers.[6] Far more intelligent than normal bats, mobats would accumulate treasure, especially shiny objects[1] and silver.[3]


Due to their almost completely silent and speedy flight, mobats surprised their foes very often. After initiating combat, these bats used their sizeable fangs to bite and tear at their opponents. Piercing screams also formed parts of their attack routines. These screams caused a great deal of pain, such that their foes were forced to cover their ears in response.[1]


These bats formed societies of up to eight, dwelt in warm caves, and traveled in flocks.[1] They were found in many places across Faerûn, particularly in Daggerdale,[6] and in cavern complexes east of Mount Hotenow.[3]



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