Modrons (pronounced: /ˈmdrɑːnzMO-dranz[5]) were a race of immortals known for their zealous adherence to the principles of law and order above all else. Just as fiends were considered the embodiment of evil and celestials the embodiment of good, so were modrons the embodiment of the universal principle of order.[3]


There were fourteen types of modrons, divided in two major categories:[6]

Base modrons 
Hierarch modrons 

Each type had a corresponding shape; the higher ranking the modron, the more complex. For example, monodrone bodies were spherical, whilst quadrones were cubical. The modrons served Primus, godlike ruler of Mechanus. All modrons were immune to mind-affecting, emotion-affecting, and magic that drew upon the Positive Energy or the Negative Energy plane. They were resistant to cold, fire, and acid.[1]


Modron culture was simple. Each modron obeyed all commands given to it by any modron one rank higher. These commands were obeyed without question. Modrons were only aware of modrons one rank higher than they were, for example, a quadrone could issue orders to tridrones, duodrones, and monodrones, but would only obey orders from pentadrones. If a modron higher in rank than a pentadrone issued an order to a quadrone, it would view it as some exceptionally powerful pentadrone. All modrons were aware of the existance of Primus, however. Modrons were unwavering in their devotion to order, departing Mechanus to complete strange tasks in the name of law.[1]


The lillendi, guardians of the Infinite Staircase, held a grudge against the modrons for reasons unknown.[7]


The giant deity Annam All-Father acquired the secret of rune magic for his people from a high-ranking modron by winning a game of lots about a thousand years after the giants' war against the dragons.[8]
Mechanus and the modrons were discovered by Netherese explorer and archmage Lady Polaris around -346 DR, who also magically bound and employed them as guards.[9]

Around that same time, a group of properly operating (albeit degraded) modrons had been left stranded in the Labyrinth in the Underdark after being separated from the previous Great Modron March.[10]

Modrons were sometimes summoned by Calishite mages,[11] and could be encountered in the city of Waterdeep.[12]



  1. Although tridrones and higher ranks could speak common in earlier editions, the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons removes the ability of any modron to speak in a tongue other than their native one.

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