Moloch was an archdevil, once the ruler of Malbolge in the Nine Hells.[3]


Standing over 14.5 feet (4.41 m) tall, Moloch had a powerful, almost square physique, with reddish-orange skin. His arms and legs were especially thick, and his hands and feet were enormous. His giant, horned head had slanting eyes and a large, gaping mouth filled with sharp teeth.[2]


Following his failed coup, Moloch spent most of his time plotting ways to regain his lost power. He was occasionally found scheming in Malbolge or other layers of the Nine Hells, though he was stripped of his powers every time he entered the realm. He spent a significant amount of time traveling other planes, hoping to find the means with which he could invade Malbolge. He was rumored to spend time in Sigil, where he attempted to recruit yugoloths to his cause. Moloch was known to offer mortals information on the Nine Hells and other planes, in exchange for material wealth which he desperately needed to enact his plans.[3]





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