A molydeus (pronounced: /mlˈidiʌsmol-EE-dee-us[6]) was a powerful two-headed demon. Molydei usually served as enforcers of the demon lords they served.[2][4]


A molydeus was an enormous humanoid-like creature with red skin. It had clawed hands and was extremely muscular.[2][4] Their skull resembled that of a wolf[2] or hyena,[4] symbolizing their rage and fighting ability.[3] From the back of their heads sprouted a long-necked serpent head, symbolizing their mistrust of their masters and uncertainties about their given task.[3]


The heads of a molydeus took turns biting a foe in combat, while at the same time the demon attacked with its greataxe and used its potent innate spellcasting abilities. A molydeus was bound to its battleaxe, which was sometimes described as a tool containing the raw light of creation from its previous existence as an angel. If separated from its weapon, the demon became mad with rage until the weapon was recovered or the molydeus was able to forge a new one. If a molydeus was slain, its weapon dissolved into a puddle of ichor.[3]


A molydeus could be hired by a demon lord to destroy a specific target, but their most common assignment was to roam the Abyss looking for demons to enlist into the Blood War, hunting down its deserters, or simply finding intruders and punishing them however they wanted. Another common position was as one of the many generals of a demon lord, since, thanks to the fear and power they commanded, they often ruled over many demons as if they were demon lords themselves.[4]

Molydei were typically found alone or with only a small entourage of lesser demons, typically mariliths, which they enjoyed working with. A molydeus sometimes took balors, klurichirs, or other powerful demons, in its mission as the enforcer of a demon lord. It was possible for a powerful spellcaster to summon molydei, although they rarely lasted long on the job and typically left their posts violently.[3]


Some origin stories maintained that, when Tharizdun discovered the shard of utter evil and buried it in the Elemental Chaos, he charged seven angels with the protection of his treasure. The celestial beings were naturally obedient to his wishes, but were unsure if they were doing what they should in listening to the scheming deity. This left them frustrated and angry. Proximity to the shard caused their forms to violently wrench apart, turning them into the first of the molydei.[3]

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