The Monarch's Scepter was a unique rod of absorption that served as part of the regalia of the Kingdom of Tethyr, beginning with the Rhindaun Dynasty of the 14th century DR. During the reign of King-Consort Haedrak Rhindaun III and Queen Zaranda Star Rhindaun, it was nearly always kept by one of the monarchs when they held court, typically serving as sign of rulership, particularly for the Queen.[1]


The Monarch's Scepter was a 3'-long (0.9 m) rod of pure silver, whose forward-oriented end was shaped to look like the head of a roaring lion. The eyes of the beast were inset with diamonds.[1]


Unlike most rods of absorption, the Monarch's Scepter had no limit to the number of spells it could absorb. However, it was created with defense in mind, only absorbing the arcane energy, rather than transferring it to the wielder. When it was used, the scepter would highlight the caster of the spell with faerie fire, clearly identifying them to the wielder.[1]

It was crafted so that it would only work for Haedrak and could be keyed for two other people of his choosing. He designated his wife, Queen Zaranda, and their Court Vizera, Perendra.[1]


The magical rod was crafted by Elminster Aumar, many years before the coronation of Queen Zaranda Star and King-Consort Haedrak Rhindaun III.[1] At the time, Haedrak was known as Lhaeo and served as the wise sage's scribe and assistant.[2] In 1369 DR, he brought the Monarch's Scepter with him, along with other magical items, when he traveled from Shadowdale,[3] to Waterdeep and finally Tethyr, where he pledged his support to Countess Zaranda Star.[4]



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