The Monastery of St. Fanal was a monastery, school, and library dedicated to Ilmater the Broken God. It lay in the hills west of the Alimir Mountains in Calimshan, on the Pevadaas Trail.[1][2]


Saint Fanal, although a priest of Ilmater dedicated to alleviating suffering, believed that knowledge of the past would limit suffering in the present, and that educating oppressed peoples would expand their opportunities and capabilities. Thus he devoted himself to learning, preserving, and teaching history,[1][2] and founded the monastery that bore his name late in the first century before Dalereckoning.[2] [note 1]

Around 1374 DR, the Monastery was headed by Brother Bedon. Bedon instated a policy that no one who came to the monastery seeking knowledge could be denied.[2]


Following the principles of St. Fanal, the Monastery operated as a center for academic learning, history, and art.[2]

There was a school for scribes and sages, training them to be objective in observation and investigation, so that they might be effective historians.[1][2] Indeed, a slight majority of graduate monks and lay students went on to work at the Edificant Library at Spirit Soaring, a temple of Deneir, a god of scribes and writing. Others went further, to Candlekeep or the Vault of the Sages beyond.[1]

The Monastery also possessed a library,[1][2] containing a number of works of history dating back to 132 DR. These detailed the human-settled lands around the Lake of Steam since the Age of Shoon, including Calimshan, the Border Kingdoms, and the Shaar.[2]


  • Brother Bedon, head of the Monastery around 1374 DR.[2]



  1. This is "nearly fourteen centuries" before 1374 DR.


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