Monkey, also known as Mad Monkey and Hu Sen, was a unique being from the Outer Planes who was banished to Toril.[2]


Though capable of shapechanging, Monkey’s natural form was that of a man with the face of a monkey. He wore silk robes that were finer than anything found in Shou Lung. Though he enjoyed playing tricks, Monkey was always polite and well-mannered.[2]

Skills and PowersEdit

Monkey possessed an incredible amount of power and always humiliated those who thought to best him in combat. Magical weapons were needed to harm him and he could regenerate at a rate that would make a troll green with envy.[2]

Impressive as he was in martial combat, Monkey’s most amazing power was that he could cast any spell with the exception of wish.[2]


Banished to a small island in the Hordelands, Monkey spent his time helping travelers if they gave him useful information. He was capable of answering virtually any question regarding anything about Toril.[2]


Monkey served as an official for the Celestial Bureaucracy until he was banished by the Celestial Emperor because of his fondness for mischief.[2] In 1358 in order to stop the Dragon Claw the Celestial Emperor discreetly asked Monkey's help and Hu Sen decided to train some adventurers to his own martial school to defeat Dragon Claw. [3]



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