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Monster Compendium: Monsters of Faerûn is an accessory for the 3rd edition of Dungeons & Dragons® that is set in the Forgotten Realms and features monsters unique to Faerûn. It was one of the first Forgotten Realms books released as part of 3rd edition, and the first monster book to feature the now-common "In the Realms" section for each entry, providing helpful and concise hints to the Dungeon Master as to how and where to incorporate the creature into the campaign setting.

Mighty heroes deserve wicked foes.

Demons and half-demons, dragons and dragonkin, animated corpses and restless spirits, wielders of magic and eaters of spells: These are the creatures of Faerûn, the monsters of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting.

Monster Compendium: Monsters of Faerûn contains scores of new monsters for use in Dungeons & Dragons adventures. From the aarakocra to the Tyrantfog zombie, these monsters present a whole new range of challenges.

Although usable in any campaign, these monsters are especially suited for the Forgotten Realms setting—a world of great magic, terrible villains, and high adventure.


The book provides 3rd edition versions of dozens of monsters drawn from across different Forgotten Realms sources, mostly from 2nd edition but with some dating back to 1st edition. While the emphasis is on creatures specific to events and places of Faerûn, the main entries for each monster are setting-neutral as with any monster book. However, the "In the Realms" sections present for each monster clarify the creature's place in the Forgotten Realms, and generally offer additional insights into the monster's ecology or role in history. These sections also sometimes introduce new places, lore, or characters. As the book pre-dates the release of the 3rd edition Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, some of these "In the Realms" sections hint at major events that would come to define 3rd edition (notably the return of the Shade Enclave) while other sections stress things that were important in 2nd edition but would cease to be in 3rd edition (notably the god Iyachtu Xvim is relevant for a number of monster entries, but would be killed off as of the release of the Campaign Setting).

The monsters were subsequently updated to 3.5 edition in a web enhancement for the Player's Guide to Faerûn.


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A malaugrym in both a human form and its natural form.

ArathluthFive PointKurdinTaluth
Referenced only
Alustriel SilverhandAznar ThrulBaphometBeast LordBenaurilCarina TchazzamClusterfangElaacrimalicrosElminsterFzoul ChembrylImbarKaverin EbonhandKhelben ArunsunLanderMalaugObouldPiergeiron PaladinsonRuhaSzass TamTarlon TchazzamTwispUlstultZstulkk Ssarmn


aarakocraaballinaberrationabishai (black abishai, blue abishai, green abishai, red abishai, white abishai)alaghiasabi (stingtail)banedeadbaneguard (direguard)banelarbeastbeast of Malarbeast of Xvimbeholder magebeholderkin (death kiss, eyeball, gouger)black unicornbullywugchitinecholdrithchosen onecloaker lordconstructcrawling clawcurstdarkenbeastdark treedeep bat (bonebat, night hunter, sinister)deepspawnDekanter goblindemon (ghour, yochlol)dragon (brown dragon, deep dragon, fang dragon, shadow dragon, song dragon)dragonkindread warriordwarf (arctic dwarf, duergar, gold dwarf, shield dwarf, urdunnir, wild dwarf)elementalfeyfirenewtgemstone golem (diamond golem, emerald golem, ruby golem)ghaunadanghost (doomsphere, ghost dragon, spectral harpist, watchghost, Zhentarim spirit)giant (fog giant, phaerlin giant)giant stridergibberlinggreater doppelgangergreen wardergroundlinggulguthydrahalf-fiend (draegloth)helmed horrorhumanoidhybsilibrandlinice serpentincorporeal creatureleucrottalich (Alhoon (Illithilich), archlich, baelnorn, banelich)lycanthrope (lythari, werebat, werecat, werecrocodile, wereshark)magical beastmalaugrymmeazelmonstrous humanoidmyrlocharnishruu (hakeashar)nythoozeoutsiderperytonphaerimmplanetouched (air genasi, fey'ri, fire genasi, earth genasi, tanarukk, water genasi)plant creaturepterafolkquaggothrevenantshadow creatureshalarinshapechangersharnsivspectral pantherstinger (tlincalli)subterranean spider (hairy spider, sword spider)tall moutherThayan golemtomb tapperTyrantfog zombieundeadverminwemic (mountain wemic)yuan-ti broodguardyuan-ti tainted one

Various beholderkin. From left: deathkiss, beholder mage, gouger, and an eyeball (also called a gazer).

Referenced only
aberration • abolethanimalantelopebaatezubatbeholdercatcelestialcentaurclamcloakercockatriceconstrictor snakecrocodiledark nagadeath tyrantdeerdire wolverinedisplacer beastdogdolphindoppelgangerdracolich • dragon (blue dragon, green dragon, red dragon) • drider • elemental (air elemental, fire elemental, water elemental), efreetelf (drow, gold elf, moon elf, sea elf, wood elf) • fishgargoylegenie • giant (cloud giant, stone giant) • glabrezugnomegoblingolemhalflinghalf-elfhawkhell houndhorsehumanhydraimpjelly (ochre jelly) • koboldkuo-toalizardfolklocathah • lycanthrope (werebison, weredog, weredolphin, wereleopard, wereowl, werepanther) • merfolkmind flayerminotaurnagaogre • ooze • orcotyugh • outsider • owlpantherpixiesahuaginsalamanderscorpionsharkshriekerskeletonskunkslime (green slime) • specterspidertieflingtreanttritonunicornvampirevulturewerewolfwhalewill-o'-wispwolfyuan-ti (yuan-ti halfblood) • zombie


Bodies of Water
Referenced only
Ice LakesLake of SteamMoonseaSea of CorynactisSea of Fallen Stars (Easting Reach) • Sea of Moving IceTrackless SeaVilhon Reach
Buildings & Sites
Referenced only
Academy of MenzoberranzanAscalhornDarkholdDekanterFlame FaultHellgate KeepHired HorrorsHouse of Cyric (Skullport)Skull GorgeThe TombTower of SkullsTwin Towers of the Eternal EclipseUndermountain
Referenced only
Referenced only
Referenced only
Amtar ForestArdeep ForestBorder ForestCormanthor (Starwoods) • Far ForestForest of TethirGranuin ForestHigh ForestLurkwoodNeverwinter WoodSouth WoodSpiderhaunt WoodsWood of Dark TreesWoods of Turlang
Hills & Mountains
Referenced only
Cloven MountainsDesertsmouth MountainsFrost HillsGreypeak MountainsHill of Lost SoulsIce SpiresLost PeaksMarching MountainsMistcliffsMount HotenowNether MountainsPeaks of FlameRat HillsSerpent HillsSpine of the WorldStar MountsStorm HornsSunrise Mountains (North Faerûn)Thunder Peaks
Referenced only
Arnrock IslandTuernWhamite Isles
Planes of Existence

Various abishai.

Referenced only
Abyss (Demonweb Pits, Bastion of Hate) • BaatorEthereal PlaneMaterial PlanePlane of Shadow
Referenced only
Pelleor's PrairieShining Plains
Referenced only
AglarondAmnArcorarAs'aremCalimshanChessentaCormyrDambrathDeep RealmDurparHalruaaEarlannImaskarImpilturLuirenMulhorandNetherilRashemenSembiaSharrvenSiluvanedeTethyrThayTurmishUntherXothaerin
Referenced only
ChultDalelands (Daggerdale, Mistledale, Tasseldale) • EvermeetGreat DaleGreat GlacierHeartlandsMoonseaMhair JunglesMoonshae IslesThe North (Silver Marches) • Old EmpiresShaar (Eastern Shaar, Great Rift) • Shining SouthSword CoastUnderdark (Phaerlin) • Vilhon Reach
Referenced only
River AshabaHale RiverTesh
Referenced only
Myth Drannor
Referenced only
Ched NasadCitadel AdbarEverlundHlondethLongsaddleMenzoberranzanMezroMintarMithral HallOrmathOoltulOryndollRringlor NorothSaradushSilverymoonShadeSkullportStarmantleTsurlagolUnderhomeUnthalassWaterdeepWestgateYartarYathcholZhentil Keep
Swamps & Marshes
Referenced only
AdderswampFarsea MarshesMarsh of ChelimberMere of Dead MenVast Swamp
Wastelands & Moors
Referenced only
Battle of BonesEvermoorsStonelandsThar


A banelich and an alhoon (illithilich).

amuletbracers of armorcloak of charismadust of disappearancedust of illusionholy waterpotion (potion of cure light wounds) • ring (ring of deflection, ring of feather falling, ring of mind shielding, ring of spell turning) • rod (rod of absorption, rod of withering) • scrollslippers of spider climbingwand (wand of magic missiles, wand of summon monster ii)
Referenced only
Air domainAnimal domainChaos domainDarkness domainDeath domainDestruction domainEarth domainEvil domainFire domainGood domainHealing domainKnowledge domainLaw domainLuck domainMagic domainNature domainPlant domainProtection domainStrength domainSun domainTravel domainTrickery domainWater domain
create crawling clawcreate chosen onecreate darkenbeast
Referenced only
air walkalarmalter selfanimal friendshipanimate deadantimagic fieldbestow curseBigby's clenched fistBigby's crushing handBigby's forceful handBigby's grasping handblasphemyblessblinkblurcat's gracecause fearchange selfchaos hammercharm personchill touchclairaudience/clairvoyancecommandcommand plantsconfusioncontact other planecontinual flamecreate undeadcreate watercure light woundscure woundsdancing lightsdarknessdaylightdazedeeper darknessdelay poisondesecratedetect alignmentdetect gooddetect magicdetect thoughtsdimensional anchordimension doordisintegratedispel gooddispel magicdominationemotion (despair)energy drainenervationetherealnessEvard's black tentaclesfaerie firefearfeather fallfeeblemindfireballflareflyfreedom of movementgaseous formgateghoul touchglobe of invulnerabilitygreater shadow conjurationgreater shadow evocationhastehealhold monsterhold personice stormimprisonmentinflict light woundsinflict woundsinvisibilityjumplevitatelightlightning boltlimited wishlower watermage armormage handmagic circlemagic circle against goodmagic missilemajor creationmajor imagemazeMelf's acid arrowmendingmind blankminor creationmiraclemirror imagemove earthneutralize poisonnondetectionpasswallpass without tracephantom steedphase doorplane shiftpoisonpolymorph any objectpolymorph otherpolymorph selfray of enfeeblementray of frostread magicremove curseresistancerestorationresurrectionreverse gravityrighteous mightsandstormscaresee invisibilityshadesshadow conjurationshadow evocationshadow walkshapechangeshape metalshattershieldshocking graspsilencesilent imagesleepslowspectral handspell turningspider climbspike stonesstinking cloudstoneskinstone shapestone walksuggestionsummon familiarsummon monstersummon monster iisummon monster visummon nature's ally viisummon nature's ally viiisunbeamtelekinesisteleportteleportation circleteleport without errortonguestransmute rock to mudtransmute water to dusttrue resurrectiontrue seeingtrue strikeunholy blightwater breathingwater walkwebwish
Weapon Qualities
Referenced only
flamingflaming burstfrostkeenshockshocking burstspeedthunderingwounding
cursedivine magicenchantmentgem-magicillusionkilycanthropynecromancyportalpsionicsShadow Weaveturn undead


A tanarukk (left) and fey'ri (right).

chainmailhelmetleather armorpearl armorplate mailshieldsilverweave armorstudded leather
Referenced only
GodswarRat Hills ConflagrationShieldmeetTime of TroublesTyrantfog
chitinecoraldiamonddragonhideemeraldironrubysilverThayan oak
Referenced only
arrowsbattleaxeblowgunclubcrossbowdaggerdartfalchiongreatswordhalfspearhandaxejavelinlongbowlongspearlongswordnetpoisonpolearmquarterstaffrapierscimitarshortbowshortspearshort swordsianghamslingspiked chaintridentwarhammer
1372 DR
Referenced only
-2770 DR880 DR1305 DR1357 DR1358 DR1360 DR1363 DR1367 DR1369 DR1370 DR1371 DR


Referenced only
Arcane BrotherhoodBedineChosen of MystraCity Guard (Waterdeep)Conclave of ShadowsCult of the DragonEyes of the EveningHarpers (Master Harpers) • House DlardragethMany-Arrowsmatron mothersPeople of the Black BloodRed Wizards (Cyric's Legion, Myrkul's Legion, Sisters of Cyric, zulkirs) • TchazzamTriumvirateTwisted RuneUnseenZhentarim


Referenced only
AkadiBaneCyricDumathoinEilistraeeGaragosGhaunadaurGilgeamGod-Kings of Mulhorand (Sebek) • IbrandulIyachtu XvimKelemvorLolthLoviatarLurueMalarMielikkiMyrkulMystraSharSharessSsethTalosTiamatUmberleeVelsharoon

Dwarves of Faerûn. From left: arctic dwarf, gold dwarf, shield dwarf, duergar, urdunnir, and wild dwarf.



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