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Monster Manual v.3.5 is a core sourcebook for the 3.5th-edition of Dungeons & Dragons® ruleset.

Fearsome and formidable foes lurk within. Encounter a horde of monsters armed and ready to battle your boldest heroes or fight alongside them. The fully illustrated pages of this book are overrun with all the creatures, statistics, spells, and strategies you need to challenge the heroic characters of any Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. Over 200 creeps, critters, and creatures keep players on their toes. From aboleths to zombies, the revised Monster Manual holds a diverse cast of enemies and allies essential for any Dungeons & Dragons campaign. There are hundreds of monsters ready for action, including many new creatures never seen before. The revised Monster Manual now contains an adjusted layout that makes monster statistics easier to understand and use. It has 31 new illustrations and a new index, and contains expanded information on monster classes and playing monsters as heroes, along with information on how to take full advantage of the tie-in D&D miniatures line planned for the fall of 2003 from Wizards of the Coast, Inc.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Monsters A to Z
  • Chapter 2: Animals
  • Chapter 3: Vermin
  • Chapter 4: Improving Monsters
  • Chapter 5: Making Monsters
  • Chapter 6: Monster Skills and Feats
  • Chapter 7: Glossary


Monster Manual v.3.5 has a slightly different entry on each monster than Monster Manual 3rd edition. Notably, each monster's attack has been divided into attack and full attack entries. Some creatures from the Psionics Handbook and the Manual of the Planes were added. Further revision included the addition of an enhanced version of most monsters as an example of advancement (usually either with a template or with class levels). Many monsters also included instructions on how to use them as player characters.

Monster Manual v.3.5 was reproduced as a premium reprint on September 18, 2012.



Name Page Other Appearances Description
Aboleth 8–9 Includes a description of the aboleth mage, an aboleth 10th-level wizard
Achaierai 9–10
Allip 10
Angel 10–13 Described are the astral deva, planetar, and solar
Animated object 13–14 Described are the tiny, small, medium, large, huge, gargantuan, and colossal animated object
Ankheg 14–15
Aranea 15–16
Archon 16–19 Described are the lantern archon, hound archon, and trumpet archon. Includes a description of the hound archon hero, a hound archon 11th-level paladin
Arrowhawk 19–20 Described are the juvenile, adult, and elder arrowhawk
Assassin vine 20
Athach 21
Azer 21–22
Barghest 22–23 Includes a description of the greater barghest, an advanced barghest
Basilisk 23–24 Includes a description of the abyssal greater basilisk, an advanced basilisk
Behir 25
Beholder 25–27 Described are the gauth and the beholder
Belker 27
Blink dog 28
Bodak 28
Bugbear 29
Bulette 30
Carrion crawler 30–31
Celestial creature 31–32 Template: sample celestial creature is a celestial lion
Centaur 32–33
Chaos beast 33
Chimera 34
Choker 34–35
Chuul 35–36
Cloaker 36
Cockatrice 37
Couatl 37–38
Darkmantle 38
Delver 39
Demon 40–48 Described are the babau, balor, bebilith, dretch, glabrezu, hezrou, marilith, nalfeshnee, quasit, retriever, succubus, and vrock
Derro 49
Destrachan 49–50
Devil 50–58 Described are the barbed devil (hamatula), bearded devil (barbazu), bone devil (osyluth), chain devil (kyton), erinyes, hellcat (bezekira), horned devil (cornugon), ice devil (gelugon), imp, lemure, and pit fiend
Devourer 58–59
Digester 59
Dinosaur 60–62 Described are deinonychus, elasmosaurus, megaraptor, triceratops, and tyrannosaurus
Dire animal 62–66 Described are the dire ape, dire badger, dire bat, dire bear, dire boar, dire lion, dire rat, dire shark, dire tiger, dire weasel, dire wolf, and dire wolverine
Displacer beast 66–67 Includes a description of the displacer beast pack lord, an advanced displacer beast
Doppelganger 67–68
Dragon, true 68–88
Chromatic dragons 70–78 Described are the black dragon, blue dragon, green dragon, red dragon, and white dragon. For each type of dragon, stats are given for the wyrmling, very young, young, juvenile, young adult, adult, mature adult, old, very old, ancient, wyrm, and great wyrm variety
Metallic dragons 79–88 Described are the brass dragon, bronze dragon, copper dragon, gold dragon, and silver dragon. For each type of dragon, stats are given for the wyrmling, very young, young, juvenile, young adult, adult, mature adult, old, very old, ancient, wyrm, and great wyrm variety
Dragon turtle 88
Dragonne 89
Drider 89–90
Dryad 90–91
Dwarf 91–93 Described are the hill dwarf, the deep dwarf, and the duergar
Eagle, giant 93
Eladrin 93–95 Described are the bralani and ghaele
Elemental 95–101 Described are the air elemental, earth elemental, fire elemental, and water elemental. For each type of elemental, stats are given for the small, medium, large, huge, greater, and elder variety
Elf 101–104 Described are the high elf, half-elf, aquatic elf, drow, gray elf, wild elf, and wood elf
Ethereal filcher 104–105
Ethereal marauder 105
Ettercap 106
Ettin 106–107
Fiendish creature 107–108 Template: sample fiendish creature is a fiendish dire rat
Formian 108–111 Described are the formian worker, formian warrior, formian taskmaster, formian myrmarch, and formian queen
Frost worm 111–112
Fungus 112–113 Described are the shrieker and violet fungus
Gargoyle 113–114
Genie 114–116 Described are the djinni, efreeti, and janni
Ghost 116–118 Template: sample ghost is a 5th-level human fighter
Ghoul 118–119 Described are the ghoul and ghast
Giant 119–125 Described are the cloud giant, fire giant, frost giant, hill giant, stone giant, and storm giant. Includes a description of the frost giant jarl, an 8th-level blackguard
Gibbering mouther 126
Girallon 126–127
Githyanki 127–128
Githzerai 129–130
Gnoll 130–131
Gnome 131–133 Described are the rock gnome, svirfneblin, and forest gnome
Goblin 133–134
Golem 134–137 Described are the clay golem, flesh golem, iron golem, and stone golem. Includes a description of the greater stone golem, an advanced stone golem
Gorgon 137–138
Gray render 138
Grick 139
Griffon 139–140
Grimlock 140–141
Guardinal 141–143 Described are the avoral and leonal
Hag 143–144 Described are the annis, green hag, sea hag. Includes a description of the hag covey, a trio of hags
Half-celestial 144–146 Template: sample half-celestial is a 9th-level human paladin
Half-dragon 146–147 Template: sample half-dragon is a half-black dragon 4th-level human fighter
Half-fiend 147–149 Template: sample half-fiend is a 7th-level human cleric
Halfling 149–150 Described are the lightfoot halfling, tallfellow, and deep halfling
Harpy 150–151 Includes a description of the harpy archer, a harpy 7th-level fighter
Hell hound 151–152 Includes a description of the nessian warhound, an advanced hell hound
Hippogriff 152
Hobgoblin 153–154
Homunculus 154
Howler 154–155
Hydra 155–157 Described are the five-headed hydra, six-headed hydra, seven-headed hydra, eight-headed hydra, nine-headed hydra, ten-headed hydra, eleven-headed hydra, and twelve-headed hydra
Inevitable 158–160 Described are the kolyarut, marut, and zelekhut
Invisible stalker 160–161
Kobold 161–162
Kraken 162–163
Krenshar 163
Kuo-toa 163–165
Lamia 165
Lammasu 165–166 Includes a description of the golden protector, a lammasu with the celestial template and the half-dragon template
Lich 166–168 Template: sample lich is an 11th-level human wizard
Lillend 168
Lizardfolk 169
Locathah 169–170
Lycanthrope 170–179 Described are the werebear, wereboar, wererat, weretiger, and werewolf.

Each type is a template, with 1st-level human warrior as a sample lycanthrope for each. Additional samples include: the werewolf lord, a 10th-level human fighter; and the hill giant dire wereboar

Magmin 179
Manticore 179–180
Medusa 180
Mephit 180–185 Described are the air mephit, dust mephit, earth mephit, fire mephit, ice mephit, magma mephit, ooze mephit, salt mephit, steam mephit, and water mephit
Merfolk 185–186
Mimic 186
Mind flayer 186–188 Includes a description of the mind flayer sorcerer, a mind flayer 9th-level sorcerer
Minotaur 188–189
Mohrg 189
Mummy 190–191 Includes a description of the mummy lord, a mummy 10th-level cleric
Naga 191–193 Described are the dark naga, guardian naga, spirit naga, and water naga
Night hag 193–194
Nightmare 194–195 Includes a description of the cauchemar, an advanced nightmare
Nightshade 195–197 Described are the nightcrawler, nightwalker, and nightwing
Nymph 197–198
Ogre 198–200 Includes a description of the ogre barbarian, an ogre 4th-level barbarian
Ogre mage 200
Ooze 201–203 Described are the black pudding, gelatinous cube, gray ooze, and ochre jelly. Includes a description of the elder black pudding, an advanced black pudding
Orc 203–204 Described are the orc and half-orc
Otyugh 204–205
Owl, giant 205
Owlbear 206
Pegasus 206–207
Phantom fungus 207
Phase spider 207–208
Phasm 208
Planetouched 209–210 Described are the aasimar and tiefling
Pseudodragon 210–211
Purple worm 211
Rakshasa 211–212
Rast 213
Ravid 213–214
Remorhaz 214–215
Roc 215
Roper 215–216
Rust monster 216
Sahuagin 217–218
Salamander 218–219 Described are the flamebrother salamander, average salamander, and noble salamander
Satyr 219–220
Sea cat 220–221
Shadow 221–222 Includes a description of the greater shadow, an advanced shadow
Shadow mastiff 222
Shambling mound 222–223
Shield guardian 223–224
Shocker lizard 224–225
Skeleton 225–227 Template: sample skeletons include a 1st-level human warrior, a wolf, an owlbear, a troll, a chimera, an ettin, an advanced megaraptor, a cloud giant, and a young adult red dragon
Skum 228
Slaad 228–231 Described are the red slaad, blue slaad, green slaad, gray slaad, and death slaad
Spectre 232
Sphinx 232–234 Described are the androsphinx, criosphinx, gynosphinx, and hieracosphinx
Spider eater 234
Sprite 235–236 Described are the grig, nixie, and pixie
Stirge 236–237
Swarm 237–240 Described are the bat swarm, centipede swarm, hellwasp swarm, locust swarm, rat swarm, and spider swarm
Tarrasque 240–241
Tendriculos 241–242
Thoqqua 242
Titan 242–243
Tojanida 243–244 Described are the juvenile, adult, and elder tojanida
Treant 244–245
Triton 245–246
Troglodyte 246–247
Troll 247–248 Described are the troll and scrag. Includes a description of the troll hunter, a troll 6th-level ranger
Umber hulk 248–249 Includes a description of the truly horrid umber hulk, an advanced umber hulk
Unicorn 249–250 Includes a description of the celestial charger, a unicorn 7th-level cleric with the celestial creature template
Vampire 250–253 Template: sample vampires include a 5th-level human fighter, and a half-elf 9th-level monk/4th-level shadowdancer
Vampire spawn 253–254
Vargouille 254–255
Wight 255
Will-o'-wisp 255–256
Winter wolf 256
Worg 256–257
Wraith 257–258 Includes a description of the dread wraith, an advanced wraith
Wyvern 259
Xill 259–260
Xorn 260–261 Described are the minor xorn, average xorn, and elder xorn
Yeth hound 260–262
Yrthak 262
Yuan-ti 262–265 Described are the yuan-ti pureblood, yuan-ti halfblood, and yuan-ti abomination
Zombie 265–267 Template: sample skeletons include a kobold, a human commoner, a troglodyte, a bugbear, an ogre, a minotaur, a wyvern, an umber hulk, and a gray render


Name Page Other Appearances Description
Ape 268
Baboon 268
Badger 268
Bat 268–269
Bear, black 269
Bear, brown 269
Bear, polar 269
Bison 269–270
Boar 270
Camel 270
Cat 270
Cheetah 271
Crocodile 271
Crocodile, giant 271
Dog 271–272
Dog, riding 272
Donkey 272
Eagle 272
Elephant 272–273
Hawk 273
Horse 273–274 Described are the heavy horse, light horse, heavy warhorse, and light warhorse
Hyena 274
Leopard 274
Lion 274–275
Lizard 275
Lizard, monitor 275
Manta ray 275
Monkey 276
Mule 276
Octopus 276
Octopus, giant 276–277
Owl 277
Pony 277
Pony, war 277–278
Porpoise 278
Rat 278
Raven 278
Rhinoceros 278–279
Shark 279 Described are the medium, large, and huge shark
Snake 279–281 Described are the constrictor snake, giant constrictor snake, and viper snake (tiny, small, medium, large, and huge)
Squid 281
Squid, giant 281
Tiger 281–282
Toad 282
Weasel 282
Whale 282–283 Described are the baleen whale, cachalot whale, and orca
Wolf 283
Wolverine 283


Name Page Other Appearances Description
Giant ant 284 Described are the giant ant worker, giant ant soldier, and giant ant queen
Giant bee 284
Giant bombardier beetle 284–285
Giant fire beetle 285
Giant stag beetle 285
Giant praying mantis 285
Giant wasp 285
Monstrous centipede 286–287 Described are the tiny, small, medium, large, huge, gargantuan, and colossal monstrous centipede
Monstrous scorpion 287–288 Described are the tiny, small, medium, large, huge, gargantuan, and colossal monstrous scorpion
Monstrous spider 288–289 Described are the tiny, small, medium, large, huge, gargantuan, and colossal monstrous spider



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