The Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume Three was a collection of monster statistics and lore for the 2nd-edition Dungeons & Dragons ruleset.

Welcome to Year Three! Drawn from our best adventures! Drawn from our best adventures of 1995 - not to mention the award-winning DRAGON DUNGEON, and POLYHEDRON Magazines - this annual also marks the return of many old classics and introduces some nifty new critters. More than 100 denizens of the land, sky, sea, and Outer Planes are ready to sneak, storm, or wheedle their way out of these pages and into the nearest adventure. These creatures, many of them from the Forgotten Realms, Birthright, Ravenloft, Dark Sun, Al-Qadim, and Greyhawk settings, are looking for new worlds to conquer.


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AlaghiAlhoonAmber dragonAraneaArctic dwarfArmaniteBanelichBheurBlack unicornBladelingBonebatBrambleBraxatCoffer corpseDisenchanterEthykFaerie fiddlerFirenewtFiretailFormianGiant striderGoristroGorseHamadryadHybsilIbrandlinIxzanLillendMagic golemMeazelMessenger snakeNeedlemanNeo-orogOrglashOwlbear, arcticPhaerimmRenderSaurialShadow mastiffSharnSlicer beetleThessalgorgonThessalhydraThessalmeraThessaltriceThomilTomb tapperUrdunnirUthrakiVortex spiderWerecrocodileWeredragonWerespider

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