The Monstrous Compendium Volume Two is a rulebook designed for the 2nd-edition of Dungeons & Dragons, and was released in 1989.

What's that? You want MORE monsters for your AD&D® 2nd Edition game? Then this packet is the answer!

You'll find 144 more pages of statistics, charts and MONSTERS—
aboleths and ankhegs, sahuagin and sphinxes, more giants, a whole horde of sea creatures, and a host of other monsters such as bullywugs, gorgons, hags (of all varieties!), ki-rin, and many, many more!

All are organized into the 5-hole punched pages that will fit right into your Volume One Monstrous Compendium binder. Add them in, organize your pages, and get ready for AD&D 2nd Edition play with more monsters than ever!

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