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Monstrous centipedes were venomous, subterranean arthropods of giant size.[3]


Monstrous centipedes ranged from halfling-size to as big as the largest dragons.[3] Their bodies ranged in color from pale grey, black, red, and brown.[5]

Monstrous centipedes were adept at climbing nearly any surface with their many legs.[3]


These creatures were very aggressive[5] and liable to attack anything that could be food.[3]


When attacking, a monstrous centipede would rush towards its prey and use its jaws. When it bit, it injected a sort of poison[5][3] that reduced a prey's mobility.[3] This poison was weak though and not liable to be fatal.[5]


In the late 14th century DR, giant centipedes were sold as fish bait at Skully's Bar and Bait in the city of Ravens Bluff.[6]



Monstrous centipedes could be found almost anywhere,[5] but typically they were encountered deep underground.[3]

On the surface they were known to infest the fens, moors, and deciduous forests of the Moonshae Isles.[7] They were also known to infest the Vast Swamp between Cormyr and Sembia,[8] the forests of Cormanthor,[9] and the sewers of Waterdeep.[10]

They were known to frequently be found in the steppes of the Hordelands, as well as its forests Ama Basin, Hagga Shan, and Shalhoond. They were also a common occurrence in its deserts, the Raurin and Quoya.[11]


Evil spellcasters often summoned fiendish monstrous centipedes from the Lower Planes to fight for them.[12]



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